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Baby on board

Kudos to Susan Reimer for her column exploring the difficulties experienced by mothers traveling alone with babies and toddlers ("Babies on a plane: Can the rest of the flying public cut mom some slack?" April 4).

As a grandmother of five, I have witnessed first-hand the tribulations moms with young children endure whenever I travel with my daughter and daughter-in-law.

One must be physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually sound to juggle the incredibly cumbersome equipment, deal with a baby whose ears are popping and entertain restless toddlers unaccustomed to being confined in tight quarters — all while enduring the withering looks of other passengers.

When the children are good — and remarkably they often are — you want to kiss the passenger who compliments the mom.

Whenever I travel alone now I try to be that person. And if the children are not at their best I try to help.

Linda Rains Allman, Phoenix

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