An hundredweight of huzzahs

In addition to the huzzahs for Jonathon Owen on the completion of his master's degree in linguistics, please lift your hats high for Professor Stacy Spaulding, who has just been granted tenure and promotion at Towson University. Professor Spaulding teaches journalism and new media and, reliable sources report, indulges enthusiastically in the terpsichorean arts. Her students are fortunate.

If I may indulge in a point of personal privilege, and it is my blog, brimming congratulations are also due to Alexandra  Aaronson, recently engaged to my son, John Paul Lucien McIntyre. She was informed Friday, Match Day, that after her graduation from the University of Maryland School of Medicine this spring, she will enter residency at Northwestern University.



NOTE: Someone has already inquired about an with an aspirate in two blog titles. It is hard to resist tweaking people who make a fuss about using a or an before aspirates.


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