Columnist takes a one-sided view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Op-ed contributor G. Jefferson Price recently quoted the "prominent" Israeli journalist Gideon Levy to support his argument that an Israeli invasion of Gaza would be unwise ("For Israel, it's different this time," Nov. 20).

Mr. Levy is better described as a vocal, radical journalist who represents a small group of radical Israeli leftists. He views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a very narrow, one-sided, biased prism. For him, the ultimate truth is that Israel is always the aggressor and the Palestinians are always the victims.

Producing a balanced report is not something Mr. Levy is capable of. Omitting essential information is his usual practice. He skillfully manipulates the facts to fit his own agenda.

Mr. Levy ignores the fact that Hamas not only rejected several peace offers by Israel but remains committed to its destruction. Israel pulled out of Gaza years ago, yet since then Israeli civilians have been living in constant terror from rockets fired from Gaza.

Why have we never read any articles by Mr. Levy opposing suicide bomb attacks against civilians? Why does he not speak out about the corruption and human rights abuses in Gaza, where Hamas, supported by Iran, operates as a terror organization in populated areas in order to use Palestinian civilians as human shields?

Mr. Price charges that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to retaliate militarily against the recent escalation in rocket attacks from Gaza was driven by a political agenda of burnishing his credentials before the upcoming elections. He also argues that Israel "has consistently obstructed and resisted a dignified peace for the region."

After reading his arguments I cannot help but to conclude that both Mr. Price and Mr. Levy are from the same school of thought regarding the conflict in the region. However, I am surprised that Mr. Price, a well-established and even "prominent" journalist in his own right, would have abandoned the most basic standard of journalistic ethics.

Ziva Giliya, Timonium

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