Where Democrats and Republicans disagree

Years ago I heard someone say that if you can write the problem on the board, it is half solved. Several times I have found it to be true. Letter writer John Brown did not correctly address the Republican's problem or the nation's ("The GOP lost because it's out of touch," Nov. 28).

Too many people are jobless and living at poverty level with inadequate medical care while our nation is rapidly increasing its debt. But that is not the problem. That is the situation. And no one disagrees with it — not Democrats, not liberals, not journalists, not even Republicans.

The problem is: How do we correct that situation? That is where the two parties disagree.

The Democrats want to tax the rich and give the proceeds to the poor. That would be quick and easy, and it appeals to a lot of citizens. However, many centuries of many nations trying this method have proven it does not work. Even our own experience of the big give-away during the past four years has proven it doesn't work.

Republicans believe that jobs are the solution. They want to leave the money with those who can use it effectively and efficiently to provide jobs and to do whatever else they can to encourage this effort. One of these would be to reduce the ever increasing regulations that are delaying any hope of a recovery.

But we must understand what the problem is before we can solve it.

Edmund Nelson, Timonium

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