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Ask yourself: Why are so many signing secession petitions?

Over the years I have always found the letters to the editor to be at times informative and at times uninformed. It's a credit to The Sun's editors that often they allow both sides of an argument to be heard, and I believe most readers appreciate this effort. Personally I've always limited myself to reading the letters and either nodding my head in agreement or shaking my head in disbelief. However, this morning I found myself rereading two or three times a letter titled "Here's to the venomous secessionists" (Nov. 20).

Does anyone truly believe that any of our 50 states really want to or will secede from our union? I hardly think so! A better question would be, why would so many Americans feel the need to sign such a petition? Certainly it is not because of baseball, hot dogs, apple pie or Chevrolet. No, I believe that there is a growing sense of frustration among many Americans that their voice simply is not being heard by their national government and a deep belief that their individual rights are slowly but surely being eroded and curtailed. These fears are thought by many to be genuine, and if push comes to shove I think many would gladly give up Bruce Springsteen if it meant maintaining the rights and privileges guaranteed under our Constitution. In fact it would probably be to everyone's benefit if we spent more time reading and understanding our Constitution as opposed to riding around in a Chevrolet listening to Springsteen.

I do find curious that the writer of the letter "Here's to the venomous secessionists" describes his surprise and amusement that petitions from all 50 states had been received by the White House and that he felt it was all right to "let them secede." This is unclear to me because it sounds as if he is saying let all 50 go! I doubt if this would really be a very good idea! Forgive my sarcasm. However, I totally agree with the point that it is "un-American to run in the opposite direction rather than stay and try to reconcile differences." Absolutely correct, however, I wonder if I can find any comments from this writer about the Wisconsin representatives that fled their state out of frustration and discontent. I would certainly hope so!

Mark Lehman, Perry Hall

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