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Voters heard the GOP's message, and they didn't like it

Republican pundits and voters alike are scratching their heads trying to figure out why their candidate lost ("For GOP, was it the message or messengers?" Nov. 12).

We're hearing a lot about how America just isn't white enough any more, or how the country has lost its way. A lot of Republicans are saying their candidate was just too stiff and unappealing. And a large number are wondering if the Republican Party simply had the wrong message.

After decades of being able to distract the attention of middle-class voters by saying "look over here, it's about guns," or "look over here, its about Jesus" — or more recently, "look over here, its about immigration" — it seems a majority of voters have stopped falling for the same old tricks.

My guess is that many people are now getting the GOP message loud and clear. As always, Republicans want to preserve the wealth and position of America's elite, and they want more and more of the nation's wealth transferred to them at every opportunity.

At the same time, they say they don't want big government — unless it is telling people how to behave in the bedroom or dictating to parents and teachers what children can and can't learn in school.

It's not that we haven't heard the Republicans' message, it's just that so very many of us simply don't like what they have to say.

Gary Leventhal, Baltimore

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