Catholic hierarchy disregards voters — and their own faith

The Catholic hierarchy is, sad to say, shamefully deficient in the theology of their own church.

During the recent election campaign, some bishops embarrassed themselves by their loathsome meddling in partisan politics. They presented their opinions as the "teaching of the church," in opposition to both a growing consensus among theologians and the developing belief of the faithful.

Unremembered, apparently, are the failures of their predecessors who spoke out against the women's suffrage amendment using the same fantastic arguments of danger to children's welfare and peril to family structure and harmony.

According to a recent article in the Catholic Review, Archbishop William E. Lori, in his hostility to the civil marriage equality law, claims that "the church's concerns were not for herself but for the impact on society, most especially children and young people," again confusing the hierarchy with the church. Are not young people also "the church" and as integral to the people of God as the bishops? Instead of offering the ideals set by Jesus of justice and compassion for parents, and all the rest of us, the archbishop says the raising of children "by their biological parents is the ideal." Poor St. Joseph, with DNA different from his child's!

It seems that whenever the hierarchy overlays unenlightened dogmatic principles onto an inadequate knowledge of sociology, psychology, biology — or any other science — the results are dreadful. Ask Galileo.

Lou Mercorella, Baltimore

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