Fix Medicare by lowering the eligibility age

Among the points discussed in this "fiscal cliff" conversation is the impending insolvency of Medicare. That "entitlement " program must be reformed. There is a solution for this part of the equation.

The present age of eligibility for Medicare is 65. Lowering the age of eligibility for Medicare to 55 will add about 20 million new premium paying subscribers to the Medicare rolls. These 20 million are relatively healthier than the current cohort above the age of 65. Thus there will be more money into the system via 20 million people paying the present rate of about $1,200 a year in premiums, and due to their statistically healthier status requiring much less outflow of dollars for services. I am no actuary, but I would think this simple equation adds many years of solvency to Medicare. Thus there would be much less needed from the federal budget to subsidize Medicare deficits.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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