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The importance of math education

David Tager and others have expressed dismay over the "higher math" that has been imposed upon kids ("Don't force higher math on our kids," Nov. 5). But schools would be doing students a great disservice if they relaxed the math requirement in today's environment.

If we only require students to study what excites them, I'm afraid that many students would opt out of literature, history, psychology or languages as well as math.

Moreover, if future voters don't understand math, how will they be able to make intelligent decisions regarding the multitude of issues involving science and economics in tomorrow's headlines? Will they be ever more dependent on others to tell them how to think — and vote — since they can't do the math on their own?

The future will be ever more technology driven. To advocate for reducing or eliminating math requirements is to put our future generation at a disadvantage, not just in math but in life.

Ed Panuska

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