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Save men's soccer at Mount St. Mary's

Our son Peter is the goalkeeper for the men's soccer team at Mount St. Mary's University and recently completed the final collegiate game of his career. While watching that game on a cold and rainy day in St. Francis, Pa., we never thought we would also be witnessing the final game of the men's soccer program! How disturbing it was for us to learn of the university's decision to terminate the program. What is even more disturbing is the way the entire matter was handled. The sadness we felt watching what we knew was Peter's last game can't even compare to the sadness the other parents must now feel since they didn't even know that it was the final game for their sons, too.

We are truly disappointed in the leadership of Mount Saint Mary's University for their lack of planning and frankly, compassion, for the young men involved in this program. For an institution of higher learning that promotes the values of faith, discovery, leadership and community, President Thomas H. Powell and the school's governing Board of Trustees has failed.

According to official comments made in the press, the Mount apparently has been exploring this issue since last summer. What we don't understand is why Mr. Powell or someone from his administration didn't have enough concern to inform the impacted student-athletes and their families about such an ominous decision.

We believe Mr. Powell and others leading the school do care and have the ability and ingenuity to find a better solution to the issue at hand. We ask that the decision be reconsidered. The Mount can set an example for other institutions to follow who may be facing the same economic challenges. This poses an opportunity to use the collective strengths of the Mount St. Mary's to explore all options, and turn a potential black mark into a shining moment.

Peter and Judy Steve, Dallas, Pa.

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