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Republican Party must change or die

A week after the election, Mitt Romney, on a conference call with his National Finance Committee, recently blamed his loss on "gifts" President Obama promised to Blacks, Hispanics and young voters ("Obama's 'gifts' to voters fueled his victory, Romney says," Nov. 15). He went on to state that the president followed "the old playbook" of wooing special interests with targeted gifts and initiatives.

When I read this in the New York Times, I was bewildered by the nonsensical nature of the comment. After further thought, it began to make sense. Mitt Romney reflects the values of what is wrong with the current Republican Party. The Republican Party is a party for ultra-conservative, middle aged white men and those that embrace their values and belief systems. It has crowded out all others.

The Republican Party used to embrace all views that supported the development of capital markets to grow an economy and enable all to participate and thrive. It recognized the need for compassion in helping the less fortunate by giving back in the form of a "hand-up" and not a 'handout." It is the party of the Rockefeller Republicans and Bleeding Heart Conservatives. It is a party that I grew to love and briefly support after I studied its history. It is also the party that honored me with a National Leadership Award in 2003, which was bestowed by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

It seems like in all relationships that the Republican Party has moved on without me since I am a pro-choice, equal rights for all, conservative African-American who feels that my moral beliefs should not be foisted upon others. There is no amount of "targeted gifts or initiatives" that President Obama could provide to me to secure my support. I supported President Obama because he laid out a plan of action to grow the economy, protect the country from terrorism, provide a social safety net for all in the form of affordable health insurance and most importantly encouraged everyone to engage in the political process of voting.

Mitt Romney did none of these things. More importantly, the Republican Party proposed and supported legislation in key battleground states that would suppress voter turnout in primarily black and Hispanic districts under the guise of preventing voter fraud. When Republicans wake up and realize this fact, they will start to attract blacks, Hispanics and others. If not, the party is doomed for failure.

Miguel McInnis

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