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Election gave Obama a victory but not a 'mandate'

I think President Obama's claim that the election results were a mandate is stretching reality ("On taxes, 'Americans agree' with Obama, Axelrod says," Nov. 12).

Approximately 120 million people voted in the election, and of that number a little more than 58 million voted for Mr. Romney. Mr. Obama's margin of victory was only about 1.6 percent. Almost half the voters opposed his policies.

Granted, Mr. Obama won a clear majority of electoral votes. But the huge number of people who voted against him does not give him the mandate he claims. What it does show is the great gulf between the way Americans see their government and how they want to be governed.

It is no wonder that citizens in 15 states have circulated petitions calling on the federal government to allow them to peacefully withdraw from a country where compromise appears impossible and civility is a forgotten attribute.

William Engle

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