Petraeus right to step down

In response to Susan Reimer's column ("Did Petraeus have to step down?" Nov. 13), I think Ms. Reimer is missing the bigger point when she writes "Men such as he are going to have to be able to survive these intensely private falls from grace or we are going to run out of talent." The bigger point is that this man swore an oath to his wife and then, knowing the consequences, broke that vow. We cannot give smart or brave men (or women) a pass because they are smart or brave.

What is the line about integrity? Doing the right thing when no one is looking. I was also a long distance fan of Gen. David Petraeus and as a former service member, thought he would make an outstanding candidate for President of the United States in the next election. But he lost me with his lack of integrity.

His poor judgment, exhibited in choosing to have this affair, affected not only the families that are destroyed by his indiscretion, but his lack of integrity cannot be compartmentalized to his "personal life." We thought he had it, he did not. He was right to resign.

Mike Johnson, Easton

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