Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Obama's pattern of misinformation

I thought it was just the liberal media (The Sun included) that suppressed information that could possibly impact voter decision-making. However, it is patently obvious the Obama administration itself did that with its foot-dragging and inept misinformation concerning the Benghazi attack and deaths ("Doubts persist about Benghazi," Nov. 15).

The General David Petraeus affair, with it's own Libya underpinnings, apparently was kept under wraps until the election was over. And there is more — the U.S. Department of Agriculture delayed nine days past the semi-official deadline a report showing the August food stamp rolls at 47 million, a new record. When compared with July's data it represented the largest monthly increase in one year. Obviously, with that surge in food stamps, the administration was not too anxious in disclosing it before the election.

It is this kind of information that should have been made publicly available prior to the election as it might have changed the minds of some thinking voters. But that is exactly what the administration did not want.

Michael Vance Ernest Sr., Catonsville

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