Obama's disastrous storm response overlooked

When Katrina hit, President George W. Bush was excoriated for not violating Federal Emergency Management Agency mandates and asking Louisiana for permission to enter the disaster zone. When Louisiana's Democratic governor, senators and New Orleans mayor would not respond, President Bush went in anyway with the relief columns. He got nothing but lies, exaggerations and name-calling for his efforts and accusations he wasn't around.

Now let us shift to 2012. President Barack Obama is mostly anywhere else but near the disaster area and not a word of criticism is leveled. Power remains out and none of the local issues seem to find their way to him the way the media blamed a Republican for the neglect and sins of the local Democratic politicians.

This is worse than bias, this is Goebbels style propaganda work, only on the left.

The truth: Mr. Obama needs to plan to spend more time in Matawan and not Myanmar and now!

D.B. Hermann, Parkville

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