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Obama bought the election with entitlements

President Obama constantly speaks of rebuilding America's middle class, but by expanding welfare, Social Security and other entitlement programs he is actually building a lower class that is dependent on the Democratic Party for its survival.

This type of candy-man politics was very effective in securing inner-city votes for Mr. Obama and other Democratic candidates in the November election. During the campaign season I heard the different battle cries many times: "Don't vote for Romney, he is going to cut food stamps!" "Don't vote for Romney, he is going to take away your welfare payment!" "Don't vote for Romney, he is going to take away your S.S.I."

Many people become dependent on these programs, much like the drug addict who becomes dependent on the local dealer. And as these programs expand, so does the number of people who become dependent on the Democratic Party.

Federal entitlement programs are necessary, but they should be limited to people who truly need them, such as the blind, the crippled and the elderly. Expanding these programs just to broaden the political base of the Democratic Party is bad for the nation as a whole.

Edward J. Smitreski, Northampton, Penn.

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