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Colorado, Washington marijuana laws an invitation to chaos

Regarding the editorial "Stirring the Pot" (Nov. 12):

One of our country's greatest strengths is that we can confront our government via freedom of speech, voting and protest. We know from history that even the use of civil disobedience has often resulted in change for the better.

But with Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana, even though it is illegal per federal law, we have the enactment of laws that in their application require breaking other laws. This applies to Maryland as well since they have approved giving tuition aid to those who per the federal government are here illegally.

It is irrational to make a law and expect compliance when that law requires non-compliance with another. If following a law is discretionary, as the actions of voters in these states imply, then what is the point in making a law? It is almost as illogical as making a law that allows us not to follow the law. It certainly sets a bad example for citizens who might reason that it must then be permissible for individuals to disregard a law that is not liked. A recipe for chaos.

We all understand that there is frustration with the federal government, but for states to thumb their nose at federal laws is a step not to be taken lightly and definitely not "so much the better."

Scott Richardson

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