Obama won all the battleground states because Americans wanted him as their president

The Sun's online survey recently asked readers whether the election showed that President Barack Obama now has a mandate to govern. But because the poll is not scientific, the outcome is of no particular interest.

As an alternative, consider this. In the weeks leading up to the election, seven states — Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and Florida — were considered toss-ups that were too close to call; they could have gone either way on Election Day.

Yet Mr. Obama won them all. Not one true toss-up state was won by Mr. Romney. Given that, I'd say the president has a clear mandate.

The Sun also identified several voting blocs instrumental in Mr. Obama's victory: Latinos, African-Americans, women, gays and young people.

While identifying the specific demographic groups that contributed to Mr. Obama's re-election might be of academic interest, overall it's simpler to just refer to them as Americans. Americans re-elected Barack Obama as their president.

Kem White, Woodstock

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