Catholics who support gay marriage don't understand the basic tenets of our faith

It is disheartening to read letters from readers who call themselves Catholics but have no concept of true Catholic Social Teaching. Sadly, some Catholics are poorly informed about the basic tenets of our faith.

To set the record straight: Catholic social teaching is all about caring for the well being of all people, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us. This time-honored and apostolic teaching is in accord with the U.S. Constitution, which also seeks to entitle everyone to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

However, Catholic social teaching does not condone or support gay marriage. Catholics who proclaim this false notion should look up the truth in the official Catholic Catechism.

Individuals may have a right to their own opinions, but no lay person has a right to make up their own doctrine and falsify official Church teachings. Only the official Magisterium of the Church has the authority to proclaim Church doctrine, and it is the responsibility of each Catholic lay person to defend that doctrine with clarity.

Mary Lucille Cimino

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