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Did people vote fraudulently?

Early voting is new for me after living outside the country for a decade. Last Friday, I took advantage of it and voted in Westminster. Yet, I am not completely comfortable with this novelty. In particular, two things disturb me.

First, I am uncomfortable with the concept in principle. Since 1845, Election Day has been the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. We still have the same Constitution ratified in 1789 and, although amended, this stability has been one of our greatest assets and unique in the world.

The second issue is what I saw first hand when I went to vote. I had my photo identification ready in my hand, but it was not needed. The election worker asked me my name and looked it up in the computer. Then she stated my address and asked if it was the same. I confirmed it was. Finally, she asked me my birth date, which I gave her. I was really shocked that no identification at all was necessary to vote.

What would prevent someone from voting on behalf of someone else, with or without that person's permission? I could have stated any name as long as I knew the person's birth date. I don't recall in detail the process of registering to vote, but I believe all I did was call and request a form by mail, fill it out and mail it back.

Could non-citizens vote? In theory, no. However, it seems extremely likely they could vote using the name of someone registered. Who would know? I find this possibility very disturbing ,as I know we have a government that permits over 10 million illegal people to go to our free schools, take our jobs, and now maybe even choose our president. I am very worried.

Jerry Gottlick, Finksburg

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