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This is why voters are angry

I am genuinely puzzled by the bewilderment of people like Dan Rodricks who do not understand the anger of voters and the source of that anger ("At long last, it's time to cast our votes," Nov. 6).

They are angry about the augmented intrusion of government into their lives at every level — national, state, municipal. It is an intrusion that, almost without exception, is expensive and ineffective in advancing any social or fiscal progress.

It is not the bailout of Wall Street, the auto industry, and other TARP beneficiaries — although that bailout is an indicium. It is the increased influence of unions, particularly government employee unions, who take more and more taxpayer money without anything to show for it. Anybody who refuses to recognize the ascent of the entitlement class (allied with their government favor dispensers) is obtuse or biased.

It did not begin with TARP or President Barack Obama — it dates back a long way. But it received a push in the early part of the decade when Congress, spearheaded by Rep. Barney Frank encouraged Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to guarantee a home to anyone who wanted one. Mr. Frank denies it, but I submit there is no single individual more responsible for the housing crisis (and the subsequent economic chaos) than Barney Frank.

The suggestion that George W. Bush abandoned his "conservative principles" to initiate TARP is a joke. Mr. Bush was no more a conservative than Keynes. Unfortunately, Mr. Bush failed. People are angry because they are tired of working for and paying for government that retards productivity. I think we will see in November that the tea party is not a fringe movement.

Thomas F. McDonough, Towson

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