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Sun ignores facts in Obama endorsement

The Sun's editorial board apparently does not read its own reporting ("Obama for president," Nov. 4). Investigations and conclusions of the various reporters and responders have written dissertations that are the polar opposites with the campaign sound bites displayed in "The Record." Moreover, the board is ignorant of the Constitution and just how it is supposed to work. Any president can push, prod, cajole, and even legislatively bribe to get what he wants but he can not command it to be done and have it done only his way.

One would think that with majorities in the House and Senate for President Barack Obama's first two years that crafting and passing a budget would be a first base kind of project. An appropriate, thinking editorial board would demand a president who could, at minimum, craft a national budget. Alas, no such budget exists, the United States has not had one for three years, and the board cares not.

The honest thing to do would be to proclaim Maryland to be the preserve of the Democratic Party and to tell the world that The Sun's editorial board "ain't votin' for no stanken 'publican."

Bill Krehnbrink, Catonsville

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