Forget re-election, Obama should be impeached

The harm and damage that President Barack Obama has imposed on the U.S. calls for impeachment proceedings.

Our deficit is now reaching levels from which it will be difficult if not impossible to recover because of failed policies and an incompetent administration. Mr. Obama has made our country a lot less safe with the START treaty. His failed Mideast policy has now put Israel on the line. His muddled policies in Afghanistan and Iraq will eventually cause us to fail there as well.

Instead of fixing the economy and solving other problems, Mr. Obama has been in re-election mode for the past year. Republicans in the House have sufficient reason to start impeachment proceedings now.

The latest White House incompetence relating to the Benghazi, Libya killing of four American heroes, including our ambassador, should spark a Congressional Investigation now to determine who is covering up what happened in Libya.

I would urge the Speaker of the House John Boehner to initiate impeachment proceedings again President Obama without any further delay.

We cannot afford four more years of President Obama.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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