Sun ignored me, now misrepresents me

Leave it to The Sun. Having failed to mention my candidacy even one time during the entire campaign season despite numerous press releases and e-mails, The Sun finally mentions my campaign for Congress and erroneously identifies me as an independent ("Now, it's all about turnout," Nov. 4).

I am a proud Libertarian who has been campaigning aggressively for months, having started my radio advertisements in September. The Sun then goes on to identify a Green candidate on the ballot in my district who, in fact, is not on the ballot. I am the only alternative to the career politicians. With reporting like this, it is clear why The Sun is slowly fading away.

Please do not blame the electronic media. Biased, inaccurate, and sloppy reporting are equally to blame. Despite the Sun's best efforts, the Libertarian Party has congressional candidates in all eight districts and the Libertarian Party is here to stay.

Leo Wayne Dymowski

The writer is the Libertarian candidate in Maryland 2nd Congressional District.

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