'Lost' ballot in Montgomery County suggests an effort to suppress the vote

As an octogenarian, I hoped to avoid the problem of getting to the polls on Election Day by requesting an absentee ballot. But guess what? I spent hours in the effort but all to no avail.

My recent attempt to obtain an absentee ballot for the general election shows that this is a futile effort. After calling to get an absentee ballot on Oct. 16, I instead got a form in the mail to fill out so I could apply for one.

I got the form Oct. 20 and mailed it back two days later. By as Oct. 31, the last day for submitting absentee ballots, I still hadn't received mine in the mail. Another phone call elicited the information that my application for an absentee ballot was never received.

The mail box that I used to send the form has always been reliable. Where did my application go? Why wasn't it processed? Why did I waste my time and postage on such a failed effort?

I would like a response not only from the Montgomery County Board of Elections but also the state Board of Elections to what was obviously an effort to reduce the ability of registered voters to cast their ballots.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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