Hopkins could help revive Charles Village

The University of Chicago's efforts to revitalize the neighborhood surrounding its campus suggests a similar opportunity is available for the Baltimore City neighborhood of Charles Village.

As recently reported elsewhere, the University of Chicago has made a $250 million investment in the neighborhoods surrounding the Hyde Park campus. The plan includes the renovation of retail properties and the redevelopment of unused buildings into commercial spaces like a movie theater, shops and office space.

Wouldn't it be great if Johns Hopkins University made a similar investment in the neighborhood surrounding the Homewood campus?

While projects like the redevelopment of the Rotunda, the redesign of Charles Street, and the campaign to bring streetcars to the Charles Street corridor are well underway, the completion of the west side of the 3200 block on Saint Paul Street remains stalled. And other efforts to enhance the neighborhood are not advancing at full speed.

As a 20-year-resident and small business owner in Charles Village, it is clear to me that a significant revitalization of Charles Village's commercial district will only be realized with the full strength and overt support of Johns Hopkins University. Furthermore, Hopkins has an enlightened self-interest in the stability and sustainability of Charles Village. As such, I encourage Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels to provide the leadership to breathe new life into the area by making a significant investment of the university's resources in this community.

Steven Rivelis, Baltimore

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