Vote no on Baltimore's Question H

Every few years, Baltimore City residents are called upon to vote on any number of bond initiatives, wherein the city uses its credit card to fund any number of projects. The city then repays the money with interest at some future date.

This is common practice across the country and any number of fantastic and needed projects are funded with money the city doesn't have on hand, allowing us to improve now, and repay later (albeit at a higher rate).

What's irksome is that the city continues to ask for approval for projects like the Maryland Science Center and the National Aquarium, public attractions that expect city taxpayers to foot their bills while continuing to charge those taxpayers the same admission fee that they charge any out-of-city resident. In other cities (like Colonial Williamsburg, for instance), they value their residents enough to offer them discounted rates to their attractions. This not only shows a modicum of appreciation for the taxpayers footing the bill but encourages residents to bring their visiting friends and family to those attractions.

I know that I will be voting no for Question H on Tuesday and encourage other city residents to do the same. Let them raise the money without asking taxpayers to cover the tab.

David Anderson, Baltimore

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