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Beware Romney's talk of deregulating and privatizing

The Republican mantra to get rid of regulations just grates my ears. And after Hurricane Sandy, the most recent example of climate chaos, caused incalculable damage, the Republicans are suggesting privatizing search and rescue operations.

Anyone who calls for less regulations is heartless and somehow ignores the deaths left in the anti-regulatory wake. The latest travesty are the illnesses and deaths caused by the New England Compounding Center ("Report finds lax pharmacy oversight," Oct. 31). Lack of regulations means death — in a coal mine, in the ocean or even in a hospital. According to the article, this latest regulatory failure has caused 25 deaths. One responsibility of government is to protect the citizens. Imagine living in a Republican fantasy of a country without regulations.

And beware of another Republican fantasy — privatization. Some protesters I know were jailed in a private prison, and their stay was a disaster. And the prisoners were charged for the accommodations.

It is fine when private corporations sell different types of sugar water. But there is no way corporations should be involved in providing water or electricity or health care or postal service or correctional services. Remember when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld privatized the military and a company called Blackwater ripped off the taxpayers?

Unregulated corporate control of essential services will mean more sickness and deaths. Give me instead strong regulations and a government responsive to the needs of the 99 percent.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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