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Gay couples deserve equal opportunity to wreck the institution of marriage

I'm inclined to agree with many of the points raised by op-ed contributor George Liebmann regarding the Nov. 6 referendums ("Md. voters get a veto," Oct. 31).

The expansion of gambling enriches casino owners at the expense of Maryland taxpayers, the redistricting map is the very portrait of a gerrymander, and the Dream Act is a (largely hollow) gesture of welcome to undocumented immigrants.

On the matter of gay marriage, however, Mr. Liebmann is dead wrong. Leaving aside the 14th Amendment arguments, matrimony is already dead in this country. Young people aren't getting married.

Women, because the hook-up culture presents them with a sexual buffet until their looks begin to fade, and men because of the unconscionable risk of losing their children and homes: The current divorce rate is between 40 percent and 50 percent.

We heterosexuals have all but destroyed marriage and the nuclear family. It's only fair to give gay and lesbian couples a crack at it.

Clifton Jenkins-Houk

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