Baltimore needs another Urbanite

Print media holds a special place in our hearts as it chronicles the important social and political trends in our lives ("So young, so pretty: death of a magazine," Sept. 21). The Urbanite was a vibrant and well-conceived print, marketing and social media platform for Baltimore's continuing urban renewal. We need to pause and wonder why we were unable as a community to support this beautiful addition to the print media landscape. Kudos to the Urbanite led by Tracy Ward and her team for taking a bold step in the right direction.

Developing an economic model that involves news, art, design, and the economics of selling advertising is what most print media aspire to, including The Sun which recently celebrated its 175th anniversary. Current urban visionaries like Richard Florida have chronicled the roots of economic competitiveness and demographic trends and advocate for increasing the "creative class " in cities. Let's hope someone will pick up where Urbanite left off and lead Baltimore toward a better future.

Blake Goldsmith, Baltimore

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