Sun lavishes attention on bumbling 'Occupy,' ignores effective tea party

Let me get this straight: a spontaneous movement arises and takes up the name "Tea Party" based on historical actions and the acronym "taxed enough already," amasses a very large number of either followers or sympathizers, and literally reverses the party breakdown in the U.S. House of Representatives and state-level assemblies, but it is not worth receiving any reporting. When it is reported upon, the items are buried deep within the pages of The Sun and are usually flippant or derogatory in nature. Adherents are perceived as backward, ignorant, uneducated and subject to every epithet that can be used in the open press: bigoted, homophobic, sexist, religious zealots, etc. Every unfortunate incident, especially gun crimes in other than inner city locales, is ascribed to them. And yet the actual mien of these people is honest, law abiding, respectful, and willing to follow the law at every turn.

On the other hand, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is something of a throwback. Representing what appears to be a collection of 1960s radicals, unemployed people whose choice of educational study did not pan out and now are deep in debt, strident progressive activists who want guaranteed "cradle to grave" security, and a mixture of anarchists, nihilists, and even a few homeless who see the "movement" as a quick way to get some shelter and better quality food, and yet numbering only in the tens or hundreds wherever they gather, rate "above the fold" coverage. That coverage is usually glowing and lauds the goals and principles of these people. Yet they tend to be slobs, leaving behind unsightly trash and even human waste, tend to be unwilling to follow simple rules or when confronted police directions, and instead siphon off municipal assets, personnel and funds to ensure no damage is caused or crimes are committed.

To cite Nancy Pelosi, "Are you kidding?"

This isn't even close enough to be called "bias" but blatant, subjective activism of the worst sort.

I used to be taunted at parties when I said that I was a military intelligence analyst,. There was always some "wit" who sniggered that "Military Intelligence" is an oxymoron. I noted that so is "objective journalist."

Stephen L. Sewell, Aberdeen

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