A parking lot in Patterson Park? Sacrilege!

The news that Baltimore's leaders plan to put parking lots and a road in Patterson Park is a slap in the face to the residents of this city ("Residents irate at proposal to pave over green," Sept. 19). This speaks to a fundamental lack of respect from our local government.

For all types of Baltimore citizens — young couples, artists, immigrants, families, and those in between — public spaces are a necessity. Are there secret plans to deface local libraries and schools? I would hope not.

A sunny day at Patterson Park is often as vibrant and welcoming a spot as can be found in the state, and to gut that for parking spaces and more traffic is a sad misunderstanding of what cities are.

Every attempt this city makes to pander to suburbanites, most of whom still won't move to the city, serves to sanitize the spirit of a city that once embodied the greatness of American urban space and could do so again.

Give me culture instead of parking and community instead of privacy. Keep the suburbs outside the city, as the dictionary necessitates, and let the people these politicians are supposed to serve enjoy our Baltimore.

Andrew Daugherty, Baltimore

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