Romney's tax plan would hurt the most vulnerable

As an 85-year-old widowed senior, the current political scene is deeply disturbing to me. Why do the candidates have to make such nasty, personal remarks about each other?

Where is the respect candidates once had for each other? There was a time when rivals could have different opinions without the disrespect shown today.

I respect both candidates as individuals, but I differ on my opinion of each. I agree with the Republicans that there are too many entitlements, but just doing away with all of them would be to put Romney's "47 percent" of the population in real jeopardy.

I agree with the Democrats that we should look out for the less fortunate, but I also believe there is not enough oversight to ensure the money is being used wisely.

How about all the store front Medicare providers? That should have been controlled. And we must make sure that subsidies are not being abused.

I heard a young cashier at the Giant one day telling a colleague that she was going to quit her job and get pregnant because she could make more money staying home. That's another place where the government needs more oversight.

Many voters just don't know where they fit in. I'm not in the 47 percent of Mr. Romney's "have nots," but I don't fit in with the other 53 percent who have plenty, either. So I guess I'll string along with the Democrats.

Dolly Nemec, Baltimore

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