Conflict with Islam is inevitable

It is about time that Americans stop trying to appease a religion and people who simply will not accept any alternative to Islam ("Understanding Arab anger," Sept. 19). The Muslim holy book, the Quran, and the teachings of Islam are very clear: If you are not with them, you are an infidel.

The goal of the Islamic faith is to spread Sharia law to the ends of the earth at all costs. If we get in the way we are expendable.

The American way is not compatible with Islam. Freedom of speech, no matter how offensive, is not part of its tradition. Images, such as cartoons or movies, that depict their God in a negative light are met with destruction and death.

Freedom of speech and expression will never be tolerated among Muslims. It is time that elected officials realize that billions of dollars in foreign aid will never change their hearts. Unlike many of our politicians, who cowardly change with the wind, they will never waver.

Mike Snyder, Havre de Grace

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