Negligence law must stand

If anyone in Baltimore City or Prince George's County needs medical care, they'd better hope that contributory negligence stands ("Soccer field accident could remake 150 years of Md. injury law," Sept. 18).

Baltimore has the nation's worst physician pay, and liability costs in these venues are twice that of the rest of Maryland. Without contributory negligence, a patient could hit himself in the head with a hammer in the waiting room and sue the doctor for head injury. Injury lawyers don't care in the slightest about access to medical care, they want all of us to pay for their ever bigger yachts with higher liability costs. These costs must be passed onto the patients for doctors to find a way to continue to offer care.

Care is voluntary, and doctors should be avoiding high liability venues already. Though it's illegal, Baltimoreans had better prepare to practice medicine on themselves.

Dr. Theodore Houk, Lutherville

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