Ban smoking in Baltimore's stadiums

Kudos to Monica Barlow for her courage and willingness to get involved in fighting lung cancer ("Camden Yards event looks to brush back lung cancer," Sept. 16). Nice to see a good cause get more recognition.

Ironically, smoking is still allowed in designated areas at Oriole Park and Ravens Stadium. Shame on the Orioles and the Maryland Stadium Authority for this. The state of Maryland has been opposed to tobacco use for a long time and takes hard stances in the fight against smoking. Yet smoking is still allowed in the crown jewels of the state's sports venues.

Several other NFL and MLB venues have already banned smoking completely. You can't light up once inside the gates. It's typical of the political hypocrites that run this city and state to not get on board with this idea. Welcome to Maryland, where our leaders say one thing do the opposite.

Peter Coolbaugh, Baltimore

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