Bury the power lines already

There's a simple solution to keep the power on: Make BGE hire 100 to 200 people — probably a lot less than they got rid of about 10 years ago — and start burying the lines ("The light goes on at BGE," Sept. 17).

How much would that cost each customer, a buck or two a month? With the high unemployment it would help locals get decent paying jobs.

Then when there is an outage, BGE would have these workers available to make repairs. They could be pulled from burying lines to fixing them.

Start with the worst areas and get started. Most of us lost a lot of money when we had to throw away a lot of food, or spent money in a hotel. In the future, that shouldn't be necessary. It might take 20 years to bury all the lines but at least the problem would be taken care of.

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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