Finally, Ehrlich reveals a capacity for original thinking

At last, I can say I finally enjoyed reading one of former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s columns. He demonstrated that he learned something (between football practices) about economics and sociology at the prestigious Ivy League university he attended ("The fight to win over the middle class," Sept 16).

Rather than regurgitating the week's Republican drivel, he seems to actually be able to provide some original analysis by defining the characteristics of the middle class of the past and today.

Even so, he cannot resist repeating a favorite Republican rhetorical debating trick by mentioning small business owners in the context of the Democrats' desire to tax the top 1 percent of the population.

Did Mr. Ehrlich study any economic theory at Princeton that proved cutting taxes for the richest people promoted economic growth? Did he personally observe any economic growth for small business owners after the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans?

Now that he has revealed an ability to analyze the current economic scene, let him put it to use instead of just repeating the evidence-free Republican themes of the week.

Stephen Arum, Catonsville

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