Libya attack a direct result of Obama foreign policy weakness

The murder by Islamic terrorists of our Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens is a direct result of President Barack Obama's weak and left-wing foreign policy. The total lack of any strong U.S. leadership now is shown all over the Middle East.

You just do not apologize to rioting mobs killing Americans and tearing down U.S. flags at your consulates and desert our only and best friend in the region, Israel.

The millions of dollars that the Obama administration poured into Libya and Egypt is being used against us now, and this disaster could and should have been foreseen by the White House.

It's time we make some changes and put a conservative in the White House who will restore this country to greatness once again instead of traveling all over the world and apologizing for America. We Americans have nothing to apologize for to small would-be foreign powers.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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