Libya crisis brings out the character difference between Romney and Obama

Does Mitt Romney not know that in the United States we have only one president at a time ("Romney jab on response to video protests draws rebukes," Sept. 13)?

To attack the president in the midst of a crisis overseas is not only disgraceful but outrageous. President Obama clearly condemned the attack on our embassy in Libya that resulted in the death of our ambassador and three other Americans.

Moreover, Mr. Obama vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. Without having information of the White House or our embassy about this despicable act, Mr. Romney chose to politicize the situation by jumping on the president.

His "shooting from the hip" says more about Mr. Romney's lack of judgment, in sharp contrast to the president's reasoned, clearheaded and sensitive approach to dealing with a crisis. Mr. Romney's attack mode leaves much to be desired in a head of state.

David L. Pollitt, Catonsville

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