Libya remarks show the Romney campaign is getting desperate

It is profoundly disturbing to me that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke critically of the tragic events that took place at our embassy in Benghazi before any determination of the facts surrounding the attack had been made and the names of all the deceased were released ("Romney jab on response to video protests draws rebukes," Sept. 13).

Mr. Romney should have limited his remarks to condolences for the families involved and a statement of support for the official investigation into the matter. The fact that he spoke so prematurely critical without any basis in fact means either that he his not as bright as was supposed or that his remarks were based on his failure to receive a bump from his convention, his problems attracting women voters, his trailing in the polls in eight of nine battleground states and Mr. Obama's bump from his convention.

Mr. Romney has become desperate in his election bid.

Marc Raim, Baltimore

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