Maryland House a victim of short-term thinking and greed

The take-away from your article about the closing of Maryland House was that both the Maryland Transportation Authority and Areas USA are centered on short-term greed ("After nearly half a century, Maryland House to close its doors," Sept. 7).

The MTA's greed is money-centric, while Areas USA's greed is people- and culture-centric. The new Maryland House will be smaller because, as the MTA's Harold Bartlett explained in the article, "we're getting two new facilities without spending state money."

Translation: Let's not concern ourselves with long-term thinking about whether the new Maryland House is bigger, better or draws more customers down the road. Instead, let's focus on "our" short-term win.

It sounds like Areas USA asked the right questions of MTA and won the bid based on addressing MTA's short-term, greedy thinking.

Tom Wiegand

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