Slow down, Baltimore drivers

After reading the article "Speed cameras yield $19.2 million" (Sept. 12), I had to comment. Eighty-three speed cameras issued 480,000 speeding tickets in one year in Baltimore City. I am glad that the speed cameras are earning revenue for the city but angry that it is so much. It just shows the disregard that drivers have for the speed limits and the laws. State Del. Jill Carter was quoted as saying she gets complaints in her district about the speed cameras and that elderly ladies complain that they are getting speeding tickets. Well ladies, slow down. Tickets are issued if you are driving 12 miles over the speed limit. What are you doing speeding in Baltimore City? If safety is important, then these elderly ladies should learn from the first ticket and slow down before they injure themselves or someone else.

Ms. Carter also said she "thinks safety is important, but it's becoming almost impossible to have a quality life in the city." Using the speed cameras is a great cost savings for the police force. The cameras replace the police officer sitting in their car waiting to write a ticket and puts them back on the street where they can be more productive. This in turn will make the streets safer and improve the quality of life in the city.

Vicki Crist, Parkville

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