Voter ID law wouldn't have prevented Wendy Rosen from voting twice

The fact that Democratic congressional candidate Wendy Rosen voted in both Maryland and Florida proves that voter fraud does exist even though it still is a tiny fraction of the total votes cast. However, we need to look a bit more closely to see the full implications of this incident.

Ms. Rosen presumably has a government issued picture ID, yet that did absolutely nothing to prevent voter fraud. Why? Because Ms. Rosen didn't vote in two states in person. Instead, she used absentee ballots, and a picture ID wouldn't have prevented her from doing so.

In fact, almost every documented case of voter fraud has been perpetrated via absentee voting, not by in-person voting. The reality is that making people show a picture ID won't help stop voter fraud at all.

If Republicans were truly serious about stopping voter fraud, rather than just preventing Democrats from voting, they would be pushing to outlaw absentee voting. That would be doing something to actually address a problem that exists, not just a phony excuse for disenfranchising poor people.

But of course, the majority of absentee votes are cast for Republican candidates. So look for the Republicans to call for the banning of absentee voting right after pigs begin to fly.

William Smith, Baltimore

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