Attacks on Obama defy fact and logic

Letter writer Wayne Brown epitomizes the problem in our political system with his polarizing and uninformed comments ("Choice is clear: Obama has to go," Sept. 7). With thoughtless generalizations such as his view that the headline "Clinton sees clear choice" is "comic relief to most of us out here who view the Democrats as the party that obviously lives on another planet," people like Mr. Brown contribute little to the political discourse in our country.

I have to wonder if Mr. Brown has ever had a basic economics class? Mr. Brown states that President Barack Obama is responsible for high gas prices? Really? How about supply and demand? How about the fact that it's a finite resource? Unbelievable!

Regardless of which party controls the White House, we will never solve our problems if we maintain an "us vs. them" mentality.

Dave Shimek, Eldersburg

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