Cleveland fans are still sore about Modell's moving the Ravens to Baltimore

As a devoted Cleveland Browns fan, it's really hard to listen to the accolades about Art Modell and what a super guy he was ("NFL will have a moment of silence for Art Modell at all stadiums this weekend," Sept. 7).

Conveniently, Mr. Modell always blamed his moving the team from Cleveland to Baltimore on "the politicians and bureaucrats who covered their own rear end."

Really? Art could have sold the team and kept it in Cleveland. He would have solved his money problems and not needed to hire armed bodyguards.

The fact is that Mr. Modell was a lousy businessman and a horrible money manager. He regularly sold out the old crumbling Cleveland Stadium without ever putting a dime back into it. He was a slumlord on a grand scale.

If he was such a genius and visionary he would not have had to relinquish ownership in the Ravens by 2004, retaining a measly 1 percent. So much for vision and leaving a legacy to your family.

And now the lovefest continues with a call for his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. Fat chance of that happening.

It actually might be possible if the hall weren't located in Cleveland's backyard. People outside of northeast Ohio don't fully grasp the level of hatred that exists for the Modell name.

I hope Baltimore fans understand this, since they, too, had such a pariah of their own — Robert Irsay.

Mr. Modell once said he had no choice about moving the team. The fact is you always have a choice. Hopefully, the choice he made will keep his bust out of the Hall of Fame.

Mark Hazen, Euclid, Ohio

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