Where's the government transparency Ms. Rawlings-Blake promised?

After citizens have seen millions of their hard-earned tax dollars spent on making the Baltimore Grand Prix a reality, they should also be given the common courtesy to see how their money was spent and the city's return on its investment (Race's economic impact a secret," Sept. 5).

To have the mayor's office decline to release the economic impact this year's race had on the city is a slap in the face to voters who were promised transparency in government by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. The taxpayers who subsidized a good portion of the expense deserve better.

The citizens of Baltimore are tired of their leaders hiding the truth from them, and they deserve more from a mayor who took the lead on the highly unpopular and costly political gamble that the race turned out to be. She promised transparency in her administration, and the taxpaying residents of this town are waiting for her to deliver on that promise.

Hassan Giordano, Baltimore

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