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Balto. Co. zoning process is broken

Yes, I think its time for the Baltimore County Council to make some changes in the zoning process, but in more ways than one. ("Balto. Co. Zoning Changes Sept. 10," Sept. 4).

It has been suggested that its present archaic process be changed in the future. In most counties, zoning is done after the county revises its master plan. In Baltimore County, the master plan is reviewed every decade while zoning maps are reviewed every four years. They should be much more closely aligned.

Another improvement would be to keep community associations from "blanketing" requests for down- zoning of over 1,000 acres of land. The associations, in attempting to squelch large tracts from development, include small parcels of acres owned by the "little guys." I am one of them, and I suggest implementing an individual downzoning request for each parcel, not this outmoded blanketing approach.

David Boyd, White Hall,

The writer is president of the Wiseburg Community Association.

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