Stricter gun control laws should be a no-brainer

It seems that gun control should be a no-brainer. Our city and other communities across this country have recently seen the tragic results of the misuse of guns by ordinary citizens, including by young teens.

When I was a growing up in Baltimore people felt safe. We went out alone at night; I often went to the library alone after dark at age 10. We never heard about shootings. They seemed to be only in cowboy movies.

The availability of guns to any two-legged creature who could talk changed all that. It's true that human beings can get very angry, perhaps even angry enough to kill. But if guns weren't so readily available that anger might be expressed in less lethal ways.

I doubt that the Founding Fathers meant for anyone to lawfully carry a gun. Didn't they speak about a militia? That word in itself implies control.

Other societies have far, far less gun violence and far more gun control. To my mind they are more civilized than we are.

Guns kill people. Let's have some reasonable, enforceable gun control. Let's have a humane and civilized society.

Jeannette Ollodart Marx, Towson

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