Alonso showed poor judgment in credit card use

Regarding your story about Baltimore City school administrators' credit card expenses, I propose that schools CEO Andrés Alonso be sent to the principal's office — in another state ("City school officials play loose with credit," Aug. 26).

The reports of ongoing financial irregularities should outrage all taxpayers. Mr. Alonso has chosen to minimize the seriousness of the problem but he simply doesn't get it.

He came to Baltimore with sterling credentials and a vision for improving a seriously distressed school system. Unfortunately, his poor judgment presents a significant stumbling block in the quest for improvement.

I don't see that Mr. Alonso has any more to offer now. He has had too many free meals at high end restaurants at taxpayer expense, and he has shown little concern for the financial responsibilities inherent in his job.

Baltimore needs a superintendent who is less of a prima donna and can deliver the goods in a pragmatic, ethical and responsible manner. As a going away present, I recommend that members of the Baltimore City School Board chip in for a Happy Meal.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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